6 Important Tips To Fix Broken Phone Speakers

Learn here how to fix broken phone speakers with these 6 essential DIY methods

Your phone speakers are exposed to dirt and debris at all times. Although they are built to endure these unfavorable environments, they cannot hold well against dust for long. This affects their sound or causes them to stop working. Here are certain techniques you can try to restore the sound quality of your speakers.

Disable Do Not Disturb Mode

  • This mode on Android phones allows you to block all sorts of notifications on your phone. Your phone will not play any sounds meant to be played from the speaker while this mode is enabled. If Do Not Disturb mode is enabled you won’t be able to hear anything from your phone.

Disable this mode to bring your speakers back into action. Go to sound and vibration in settings. Find the Do Not Disturb mode and turn it off. Now try playing an audio file on your phone and see if it works.

Check If The Bluetooth Is Connected

  • Another reason why your android speakers may not be working is if you are connected to a Bluetooth device. If this is the case, audio signals are sent to the device that you are connected to. A simple way to fix this is to disconnect your phone from the device it is connected to.

Select the Bluetooth option by going to Bluetooth & device connection settings on your android device. Tap the icon next to the device you are connected to. Then click disconnect. You may also remove the connected device from the list if you like.

Keep Your Speakers Clean

  • Your phone speakers should be kept in a good condition if you want them to function properly. Over time, dust and other particles gather and accumulate in the speakers. This affects their sound quality.

Make sure you clean your speakers from time to time to keep them functioning properly. If your speakers have stopped working or are not working as efficiently as they should try and clean them to fix the issue.

Removing The Dust

  • Find where the speakers are located. Take a clean cloth and gently wipe the speakers and the area around them. It is important to ensure that there is no dust inside the speakers.

However, if you spot dust particles stuck in your speakers, seek professional assistance to safely get your speakers cleaned.

Restart Your Device

  • The simplest and most convenient method to use when your speakers are not working is to reboot your android device. This is helpful in case there are apps and other processing that are causing interference with the speakers. Most of the issues are fixed by just turning your phone off and then back on.

Additionally, this method is easy to carry out and there is no harm in it. The power button can be used to reboot an Android device. When you press the power button on-screen option will appear. You can choose to restart your device by finding the relevant option.

Check App-Specific Sound Settings

  • Android phones have several types of apps. Some of these apps have separate sound settings. This allows you to enable and disable sounds for various activities in the app settings. One of the reasons that you cannot play sound through your speaker may be associated with these app-specific settings.

If you have turned off the sound options, you won’t be able to hear anything through your speakers while using the app. Each app has a unique menu so you cannot use a generic procedure to get back the sound. The only way to fix the issue is to enable the sound option from the app settings.

Source: https://trickedoutonline.com/fix-broken-phone-speakers/

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